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Teacup Optics

A Classic Book returns

Book,Lights and Colours of the Sky

Book, History of rendering skies in Art

Window Caustics, Switzerland

Aurora and Fogbow/Rainbow, Alberta, Canada

Wildfire Smoke Skies, California, USA

Dust Scattering - Gegenschein, Iran

 Eggs, Siver, Sulfur

 Graphene Moire - Twistronics

 Belt of Venus through Cambell-Stokes Recorder, Italy

 In-Flight Optics, Canada

 Mollusc Shells II

 Oval Coronae & Aureoles Around Stars

 Atomic Fogbow

 Quetelet Colours, USA

 Halos & The Myth of Ixion

 Birefringent Ice, Russia

 A Roundness of water Drops, Belgium

 CD Sun Circles

 New Book - Atmospheric Phenomena

 Impressionist Reflections

 Peeping through Curtains

 Sundial Frost Birefringence, Slovakia

 Teacup Levitation & Colours, Arizona, USA

 Arago's Spot

 Freezing Bubbles, Slovakia

 Frozen Bubbles, Hungary

 Firefly Bioluminescence, USA

 Vertical & Sideways Light Columns, Sweden

 Many Moons, USA

 Thistledown Diffraction, Scotland

 Dutch Stll Life Reflections

 "The Mississippi Triangle", USA

 Pasta Pan Films, Brazil

 Flight Deck Window Colours, Switzerland

 Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds, Germany

 Water Aureole, Chile

 Light Rings & Diffraction, Wales

 Distrail, Germany

 Tip Vortices, Sweden

 Fireweed Light Rings & Diffraction, Scotland

 Flag Corona, USA

 Door Prisms, Switzerland

 Glove Hair Corona, Hungary

 Time-Varying Light Sources

 Water drops, Brazil

 Kingfisher Colours, France

 Air Painting, Sweden

 Snoflakes & Penny

 Worlds in Warped Water, Brazil

 Frozen Dew Drops, Finland

 Hoar Frost Crystals, Finland

 Strange Shadows, Finland

 Eye Colours

 Pine Tree Oil on Lake


 Moth Silk Diffraction

 Sky Polarization, Golden Horn, Turkey


 Dandelion Diffraction

 Moiré Patterns

 Caustics vs Lenses

 Mushroom Spore Corona

 Frying Pan Optics

 Venus, 2-D & 3-D Diffraction Gratings

 Bernoulli & Kelvin Wakes

 Caterpillar Tents Dewbow

 "Anticrepuscular Lasers"

 Rainbows, Ghosts, Metals & Mirrors

 Of Rays, Bricks & Crystals

 Fluorescent Scorpions

 Moon rays & lighning

 Soap Films

 Flickering Sirius

 Feather Iridescence

 Moiré Patterns & Fringes

 Atmospheric Optics Refreshment

 Oval & Not So Oval Aureoles

 A Year of Sunsets

 Stockholm Spring Sunsets

 Droplet Caustics

 Moon Illusion, Ireland

 Oval Star Aureoles, M42


 Window Reflections

 The Refracted Otter

 Stress & Strain

 Blue & White Sky

 Sea Shell Colours


 Prismatic Doors


 Precious Opal

 Peacock Colours - Photonic Crystals

 Sea Caustics

 Viking Sunstone?

 Book - Polarized Light in Nature

 Rings of Two Kinds

 Spider Web Light Rings

 Quételet rings from Venus & Jupiter

 Butterflies & Waves

 Prism HD

 Sub-Anthelic Diffraction Pillar

 Meat Iridescence

 Indoor Rainbows

 Spider Silk Colours

 Sundog Reflections - Skypools

 Road Sign Optics

 La Cassiopea & Caustics

 Moonlight Rays, Stars, Lightning

 Kitchen Optics & Light Rings

 Contrast Illusion

  Bent Glitter Paths


  Strider Caustics

  Canine Skies

  Fluctuating Star Colours


  Plasma - Lightning Spectra

  Linear Hole Punch

  New Halo Book

  Alphabet Soup

  Bubble Optics

   Frost Dendrites

   Of still ponds and dusty windows

   Protractor Strains

   Ice Crystal Colours

   Skypools on Walker Pond

   Rime & Hexagons

   Bucket Ice

   Of Bikes and Spiders

   Whale Caustics

   Trout & Optical Catastrophes

   Multiple Hole Punches

   Lighthouse Glasses

   Linear Hole Punch?

   Scientists & Sea Shells

   Norway Lenticular Clouds

   Fall Streaks


   Butterflies & Bookcases - Structural Colour

   Labradorescence - Structural Colour

   Thin Film Interference

   Water Shadows

   Quetelet Rings - Hungary

   Ice is blue

   Algal Optics


   Breaking the Ice - Interference in fissures

   Petal Caustics

   Church Window Patterns

   Fern frost on car bodywork

   Finland Snowflakes


   Birefringence in pond ice


   Window Frost


   Crossed polarisers and frost

   Fern Frost

   Snowflake Symmetry

   Ice Colours

    Two for One

    Not the Earth from Space

    Algal Optics

    Ice Colours

    Kitchen Optics

    Cloud Colours

    Pennsylvania Hole Punches

    Sunset Virga

    'Bursting' Mammatus

    Monster Lenticular

    Reflection Caustics

    Glaciating Altocumulus

    Hole Punch Cloud & Halo

    Virga/Fall Streaks

    Snow Crystals

    Birefringence & Airplane Windows

    Art & Optics

   Teatime Optics

    Hoar Frost Crystals

    Chromatic Glitter

    Venus Corona

    Sublime Iridescence

    Corrugated shadows

    Why Pink?

    Halos in a bottle

    Over the horizon mountains + green flash


    Wine Glass Caustics


     Martian Opposition Glow

    Rainbow Making Machine