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Light Pillar over Etna, Sicily, Italy

Anticrepuscular Rays, Gouda, The Netherlands

White Parhelion, Orkney, Scotland

Pillars of the Sky

Ground Halo, Scotland

Rare Halos, Sweden

Airglow, Iran

Teacup Optics

Lunar Halos, Sweden

Ski-slope Rare halos, Vermont, USA

Earth Shadow & Belt of Venus, Alberta, Canada

A Classic Book returns

Airplane Glory, Turkey

Christmas Glory? Sweden

Teide Iridescent Clouds, Canary Islands, Spain

Lighthouse & Lunar Green Flash, California, USA

Rare Halos, Sweden

Reflections on Rainbows, Northern Island

Colour Puzzle

Alpine Solar Rays, Italy

Cloudbows, Alberta, Canada

Book,Lights and Colours of the Sky

Book, History of rendering skies in Art

Bifrost, Rainbow Bridge, Italy

Warsaw Halos, Poland

Window Caustics, Switzerland

Modest Sundog, England

Aurora and Fogbow/Rainbow, Alberta, Canada

Industrial Sundog, Hungary

Middle Lowitz Arc, Sweden

Wildfire Smoke Bishop's Ring, The Netherlands

Wildfire Smoke Skies, California, USA

Lunar Glory, Portugal

Circumzenithal Arc, California, USA

Twinned Rainbow, Wisconsin, USA

Mars Perseverence Launch Optical Effects, USA

Contrail Shadows, Germany

River in the Sky - Switzerland

Dust Scattering - Gegenschein, Iran

Pollen Corona, Italy

NLCs and Moon Bow, Denmark

Turner's White Bow, Tate Gallery, UK

Red Rainbows, Turkey

Iridescent altocumulus lacunosus, Wisconsin, USA

City Rays, Calgary, Canada

Halos from Wobbly Crystals, Calgary, Canada

Moon Halos, Norway

Sky Wide Rays, Iran

Sky Wide Rays, Iran

Rays Venus Mercury, Italy

Pyramidal Crystal Column Arcs, Poland

North Sea Mirage, England

 Cloud Shadows & Rays, Canary Islands, Spain

 Wegener Arcs, Scotland

 Halo Geometry, Northern Ireland

 Parachute Optics, New Zealand

 Moonrise Optics, Russia

 Birch Pollen Corona, The Netherlands

 Perfect Primary Rainbow, Iraly

 Perfect 22 degree halo, Nova Scotia, Canada

 Scheveningen Mirage, The Netherlands

 Eggs, Siver, Sulfur

 Divergent light pillars from column crystals, Finland

 Antisolar Rays, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

 Bows large and small,of ice and diamonds

 Cloud Contrast Bow, Norway

 Polar Stratospheric Clouds, Norway

 Polar Stratospheric Clouds, Sweden

 Six rainbows, WA, USA

 Miraged Solar Eclipse, Iran

 Green Flashes & Tilted Air, England

 Edinburgh Halos, Scotland

 Reflected Crepuscular Rays, NY, USA

 Mercury Transit Mirage, Iran

 Halos, Florida, USA

 Crepuscular Rays,Canary Islands, Spain

 Purple Light Continues - The Netherlands

 Graphene Moire - Twistronics

 Belt of Venus through Cambell-Stokes Recorder, Italy

 Pyramidal Plate Arcs, Canada

 Rainbow Wheel & Spokes, Florida, USA

 The Antisolar Point, Arizona, USA

 Fogbow Supernumeraries & Glory, Hawaii

 Twilight Diary, The Netherlands

 Ama Dablam Shadows, Nepal

 In-Flight Optics, Canada

 Summer & Winter Fata Morganas, USA

 Volcanic Sunset, California, USA

 Camera & Painting, Indonesia

 Moonbows & Lava, Hawaii

 Moai, Saturn, Corona - Easter Island

 Greenland Mirages

 Fire & Ice, Light Pillars, Sicily, Italy

 Twinned Rainbow, Spain

 Two-State Pyramidal Crystal Halo Display, USA

 Alder Pollen Corona, Germany

 Corona + Iridescence, Italy

 Ojos del Salado skies, Chile

 Reflection Rainbows, North Uist, Scotland

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