Miraged Eclipse

The solar eclipse of December 26, 2019 swept from the Pacific to the Middle East.

 Amir Abolfath (site, TWAN) caught the partial phase at sunrise from Qeshm island, Iran.

Sunrise started unexpectedly with two disconnected fragments of sun that slowly merged to an angular shape. As the sun rose further it transformed to an upper sun with an eclipsed notch and a lower sun sinking into the sea.

A classical 'inferior mirage' sunrise with an eclipse twist!

The choppy top to the sea is the lower edge of the mirage and not the horizon.

The sea was warmer than the night cooled atmosphere and warmed an air layer close to its surface. The sun's rays passing between the two air layers of different temperature were refracted (bent) to form the mirage.

An un-eclipsed mirage is here.

All images ©Amir Abolfath, shown with permission

Another unusual mirage by Amir Abolfath.