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Reflections on Rainbows, Northern Island

Colour Puzzle

Cloudbows, Alberta, Canada

Bifrost, Rainbow Bridge, Italy

Aurora and Fogbow/Rainbow, Alberta, Canada

Twinned Rainbow, Wisconsin, USA

NLCs and Moon Bow, Denmark

Turner's White Bow, Tate Gallery, UK

Red Rainbows, Turkey

 Perfect Primary Rainbow, Iraly

 Six rainbows, WA, USA

 Rainbow Wheel & Spokes, Florida, USA

 The Antisolar Point, Arizona, USA

 Camera & Painting, Indonesia

 Moonbows & Lava, Hawaii

Twinned Rainbow, Spain

 Reflection Rainbows, North Uist, Scotland

 Sea Spray Bow, Alderney

 Vertical rainbows

 Why are there rainbows?

 Puzzling Triple Rainbow, NC, USA

 Duality of Rainbows, USA

 Cloudbow, England

 Cloudbow, London

 Nearly Endless Rainbows, Germany

 Primary & Secondary Supernumeraries, Samos, Greece

 Subhorizon Lunar Rainbow, Hawaii, USA

 Primary @ Secondary Rainbow Supernumeraries, Scotland

 Four Rainbows, Donegal, Ireland

 Lake Baikal Moonbow, Russia

 Samos Optics, Greece

 "Two Sun" Rainbows, Norway

 Rainbows High& Low, Turkey

 "The Mississippi Triangle", USA

 Floodlight bows, Niagara falls

 Zero Order Glow, The Netherlands

 Reflection Bow, Scotland

 Subhorizon Rainbow, Sweden

 Tulip Field Bow, The Netherlands

 Geyser Bows, Yellowstone, USA

 Colorados rainbows & Supernumeraries, USA

 Cloudbow, Netherlands

 Rainbow Segment, New Zealand

 Dawn Red Rainbows, Arizona, USA

 Drone Bows, Hawaii, USA

 Peculiar Supernumeraries, London, England

 5th Order Rainbow Discovery Image, New Mexico, USA

 Storm Clouds, Rainbows & Rays, Ohio, USA

 Discontinuous Bows, Victoria Falls, Southern Africa

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, August 30, 2014, Russia

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, August 24, 2014, Czech Republic

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, August 18, 2014, Czech Republic

 3rd Order Rainbows, August 18, 2014, Czech Republic

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, Paris

 Higher Order Rainbows

 Subhorizon Red Bow, La Réunion Island

 Rainbow Twinning, Norway

 Multiple Rainbows, Alaska

 Zero Order Glow, 1st & 2nd Order Bows

 3rd Order Rainbow, Germany

 Namib Rainbow

 Sprinkler Bow

 Rainbow Twinning

 Rainbows & Tulip Field - - 1000th OPOD


 How Far is the Rainbow

 Cloud Bow, England

 Why do we see rainbows and halos

 Rainbow Spokes & Antisolar Rays

 Red Rainbows

 Sunset Rainbow, Puerto Rico

 Four orders of rainbow, Russia

 Sea Water Bows

 Caterpillar Tents Dewbow

 Rainbow Colours

 Rainbows, Ghosts, Metals & Mirrors

 3rd and 4th order rainbows, a sequel

 Strange Rainbows, NW Russia

 Tertiary Rainbow Hunting, NW England

 Monnbows, Halo, Volcano, Stars - Hawaii

 Rainbow Colours

 Multiple Seconday Supernumeraries

 Anomalous Rainbow

 Niagara Night Rainbows

 Anomalous Rainbows

 Ground Rainbows, Sweden

 Laboratory Rainbows

 Bead Bow Recipes

 Dettifoss, Iceland

 Bows & Polarization

 Red Rainbow Disk

 360° Hosepipe Bow

 Secondary Supernumeraries

 Bent Rainbow

 Rainbow & Zero Order Glow

 Moon & Rainbow, Reunion Island

 Rainbow Trails

 Indoor Rainbows

 Primary Bow

 Multiple Supernumeraries

  Primary & Secondary Moonbows, Ireland

  London Rainbows

  Infrared Rainbow

  Classical Bows at Grand Canyon

  Moon, Rain, Stars & Fire

  Reflection Bows

  Veszprem Rainbows

  Secondary Bow Supernumerary

  Tulip Field Bows

  Crossed Bows

  Flight Optics

  Rainbow Shadows, Wales

  Iceland Rainbows

  Norway Rainbow

  Sea Water Bows - Blowhole Bow - Ireland

  Sea Water Bows - Bondi Beach, Australia

   Cloud Forest Bow

   Moonbow, New Zealand

   Rainbow Colours - Grand Canyon, USA

   Caustic Diffraction

   Rainbow Caustics

   Norway Rainbows

   Twinned Rainbow, England

   Another Peculiar Rainbow

   Twinned Rainbow - Michigan

   Rainbow Glints, Llanberis, Wales

   Scottish Saltire, Loch Rannoch

   Zero and higher orders

   How far is the rainbow?

   Rainbow Story

   Storm Bow, Texas

   Prarie Spokes

   Glider Optics

   Glacier Melt Bow

   Trondelag Bows

    Reflection Rainbow, Stockholm

    Rainbow Glints

    Optics Sunday - Australia

    Complete Rainbow Making

    Whale Bow

    Road Bow

    Evening Rainbows

    Waterborne Dewbow

    Raindrops, Rainbows & Descartes

    Great Wall Bow

    Boomerang Optics

    Mount Wendelstein Rainbow

    Sky Geometry

    Moonbows, Stars, Sunrise, more Rainbows

    6 Bows

    Rainbow Making


    Cloud Contrast Bow

    Moonbow Challenge - 4d 6h

    Moonbow Challenge

   Lunar Rainbows, N. Ireland

    Alesund Rainbow

    Rainbow Spokes

    Inca rainbows

    Ground Bows, Nevada

    Sun and Antisun


    Roadbow ... July'08

     Coal-fired Rainbows


    Wendelstein Rainbow & Shadow

    Supernova Rainbow ...... April 08

    Red Rainbows

   Mystery Twinned Rainbow

    Rainbow Making Machine