30 August '14   Sergei Antipov again captures 3rd and 4th order rainbows near Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.  His previous capture was in 2013.

The latest sighting is unusual for being seen against blue sky rather than dark cloud.

   "The brightness of 3rd & 4th order bows was less than in June, 2013. I photographed all the rainbows that have so far appeared in 2014 and today was the first good luck!  I wanted to use a camera tripod, but wasn't in time: all the rainbows quickly disappeared. I managed to make only 5 pictures.

I used a polarizing filter. With the filter turned 90° the rainbows were absent.

With the naked eye I didn't see the 3,4 bows, but there was an intuition that something was in this area of the sky."

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   Grossmann May '11, Theusner June '11