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Teacup Optics

Airplane Glory, Turkey

Christmas Glory? Sweden

Teide Iridescent Clouds, Canary Islands, Spain

Cloudbows, Alberta, Canada

Aurora and Fogbow/Rainbow, Alberta, Canada

Wildfire Smoke Bishop's Ring, The Netherlands

Wildfire Smoke Skies, California, USA

Lunar Glory, Portugal

Mars Perseverence Launch Optical Effects, Florida, USA

Dust Scattering - Gegenschein, Iran

Pollen Corona, Italy

Turner's White Bow, Tate Gallery, UK

Iridescent altocumulus lacunosus, Wisconsin, USA

 Parachute Optics, New Zealand

 Birch Pollen Corona, The Netherlands

 Cloud Contrast Bow, Norway

 Fogbow Supernumeraries & Glory, Hawaii

 Moai, Saturn, Corona - Easter Island

 Alder Pollen Corona, Germany

 Corona + Iridescence, Italy

 Mollusc Shells II

 Mollusc Shells

 Oval Coronae & Aureoles Around Stars

 Atomic Fogbow

 Quetelet Colours, USA

 Birefringent Ice, Russia

 Cloudbow, England

 CD Sun Circles

 Pollen Corina, Hungary

 Orographic Cloud iridescence, Italy

 Lunar Corona, Argentina

 Parry's 1827 Fogbow Colours

 Corona colours and intensities, WA, USA

 Corona/Aureole Colours, Cambridge, England

 Many Fogbow Supernumeraries, Florida, USA

 Sundial Frost Birefringence, Slovakia

 Teacup Levitation & Colours, Arizona, USA

 Pine Pollen Corona, Finland

 Aerial Corona, USA

 Wyoming Fogbow, USA

 Fogbow, Mount Teide, Canary Islands

 Fogbow, Marin Headlands, USA

 Morning Fogbow, Russia

 Polarization & Fogbows, Russia

 Thistledown Diffraction, Scotland

 Venus, Jupiter (& Mars?) Coronae, Austria

 Cloudbow & Glory, USA

 Distorted Glory, Beijing to California

 Light Rings & Diffraction, Wales

 Contrail Iridescence, New Jersey, USA

 Distrail, Germany

 Alaskan Fogbow, USA

 Lunar & Solar Pollen Coronae, Russia

 Cloudbow, Netherlands

 Brocken Spectre & Glory, Slovakia

 Fireweed Light Rings & Diffraction, Scotland

 Desert Fogbow, Arizona, USA

 Alpine Iridescence

 Venus Aureole-Corona, Hungary

 Mountain Shadow & Iridescence, Wales

 Airplane glory & 'Brocken Spectre'

 Total Solar Eclipse Corona/Iridescence

 Solar Eclipse Corona

 Glove Hair Corona, Hungary

 Kingfisher Colours, France

 Lunar Fogbow, Northern Ireland

 Clouds - Up Close

 Fogbow, Brocken Spectre & Glory, Russia

 Brocken Spectre & Glory, Brecon Beacons, Wales

 Lunar Corona, Sierra de Madrid, Spain

 Autumnal Versailles, France

 Iridescent vs Nacreous Clouds, Brazil

 Lunar Corona, Ontario, Canada

 Subhorizon Halos & Glory, Alberta, Canada

 Air Conditioner Plume Iridescence, Germany

 Iridescent Mountain Clouds, Czech Republic

 Airframe Induced Iridescence, London

 Wing Colours or Window? Brazil

 Of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Finland

 Eye Colours

 Pine Tree Oil on Lake

 Brocken Spectre & Glory over Veszprém, Hungary

 Morning Run Glory, Belgium

 Fogbow & Supernumeraries, La Réunion Island

 Many Ringed Corona, Croatia

 Pollen Coronae, Russia

 Moth Silk Diffraction


 Corona Australis

 Dandelion Diffraction

 Corona Rings

 Sunset Glory

 Pileus Clouds

 Cloud Bow, England

 Sahara Dust Bishop Ring, Hungary

 Iridescence over Yunnan Observatory, China

 New Brunswick, Canada Fogbow

 Mushroom Spore Corona

 Pileus, Colours, Shadows

 Fogbow, Supernumeraries & Polarization

 Corona, New South Wales, Australia

 Frying Pan Optics

 Venus, 2-D & 3-D Diffraction Gratings

 Fogbow & Glory

 Non-circular Coronae, Hungary

 Lunar Fogbow, Finland


 Spooky Coronae

 Rock Pool Corona

 Glory & Brocken Spectre, Ireland

 Soap Films

 It's Grim up North

 Sugar Mountain Glories

 Indonesia Optics

 Pine Pollen Corona

 Contrail Iridescence

 Feather Iridescence

 Contrail Shadow & Iridescence

 Fogbow with Supernumeraries, Finland

 Oval & Not So Oval Aureoles

 California Iridescence

 Droplet Caustics

 Lunar Corona, Finland

 Order & Disorder, Swiss Alps

 Brocken Spectre, Ireland

 Oval Star Aureoles, M42

 Corona and Iridescence

 Jupiter Corona, Aldebaran Aureole

 Greenland Fogbow

 Eclipse Optics, Shadow Bands

 Solar Corona

 Glory in the Field

 Siberian Optics

 Airplane Glory

 Bows & Polarization


 Double Pollen Corona


 Moon & Fogbow, Poland

 Flatirons, Colorado Iridescence

 Factory Glory

 Aconcagua Skies

 Aureoles Small & Large

 Rings of Two Kinds

 Idaho Glory

 Corona & Babinet

 Quételet rings from Venus & Jupiter

 Near Sky

 Zodiacal Light - Dust, Planets, Fire, Stars

 Corona & Iridescence

 Sub-Anthelic Diffraction Pillar

 Enigmatic Ovals

 Glories of Sky Diving

 Spider Silk Colours

 Crescent Corona

 Glory & Brocken Spectre - Turkey

 Cloudbow & Glory - Greenland


 Tropical Iridescent Cloud

 Fogbow & Supernumeraries

 Optics Galore

 Bouguer's Halo

  Greenland Ice Cap Optics

  Greenland Glory

  Intense Iridescence

  Sahaha Bishops Ring/Aureole

  Absent Aureole - Clean Air

  Stratospheric Aerosol - New Zealand

  Linear Hole Punch

  Flight Optics

  'Old Fog' Fogbow, Greenland

  Atlantis Space Shuttle Glory

  Pollen Corona, Finland

  Near Sun Iridescence

  Glows opposite the sun

  Corpuscles & Waves, Fredericton, NB, Canada

  Michigan Corona

  Bubble Optics

   Ice Corona?

   Alaskan Skies

   Of still ponds and dusty windows

   Breath Iridescence

   Eiger Banner Cloud

   Blue Ridge Mountains Haze

   Jupiter Corona/Aureole

   Diffracted Sunlight

   Wednesday's Fogbow

   Christmas Glory

   Wave Clouds, Coronna & Iridescence

   Corona & Pleiades

   Aircraft Iridescence

   Eclipse Corona, Hungary

   Lunar Corona - Sweden

   Vista House Corona

   Oval Venus Corona

   Glory Romania

   Multiple Hole Punches

   Actic Fogbow

   Glory & Brocken Spectre

   Lunar Fogbow + Jupiter Aureole

   Bozeman, Montana Iridescence

   Car Headlamp Fogbows

   Near & Far, Australia

   Jovian Puzzle

   Iridescent Pileus

   Norway Lenticular Clouds

   TNG Fogbow

   Fall Streaks

   Iridescent Fractus

   Pollen & Corona

   Giant Lily & Sun Corona

   ISS & Corona

   Macchu Picchu Glory

   Eclipse Iridescence

   Coffee Filter Iridescence

   3 in 1

   Zambia Iridescence

   California Contraill Colours

   Cloud Bow, Scotland

   Glory on Snowdon, North Wales

   Above Cloud Iridescence

   Pollen & Pollen Corona

   Cloud Contrast Bows

   Colorado Wave Clouds

   Paraglider Glory

   Holy Light

   Aureoles, Sunsets and Ash

   Quetelet Rings - Hungary

   More Eyjafjallajokull Effects

   Europe's Subtle Volcanic Skies - April 17, 2010

   Lunar Corona

   Star Aureoles

   Tropospheric Bishop

   Serengeti Pileus

   Spring's first pollen corona?

   New Hampshire Corona

   Algal Optics

   Glider Optics

   Lamp fogbows & glories

   Mountain Glory

    Lamp Fogbows

    Algal Optics

    Pilot's Glory over Antarctica

    Kitchen Optics

    Cloud Colours

    Coronae & Airy Disks

    Fogbow Bridge - Alaska

    Reflection Glory & Brocken in the sky

    Secondary fogbow, Estonia

    Monster Lenticular

    Glory in the sky! Very rare reflection glory

    Lenticular Clouds & Iridescence

    Cloud/fogbow, Ireland

    Glory & Transparancy

    Inner & Outer Pollen Corona, Sweden

    Lake Ladoga & Fogbow

    Unusual Lamp Fogbow

    Boomerang Optics

    Fogbow, Australia

    Corona Colours

    Glaciating Altocumulus

    Hole Punch Cloud & Halo

    Virga/Fall Streaks


    Constant Optics

    All in a Day

    Fundy Fogbow

    Order & Chaos

    Pollen Coronae - Moon & Venus

    All in a Flight

    Venus Aureole or Corona?


   Teatime Optics

    Tennessee Fogbow

    HDR Corona

    Lunar & Venusian Coronae

    Oval Venus Coronae?

    Humidifier Iridescence


    DIY Fogbow

    Florida Mist

    Venus Corona

    Cloud Contrast Bow

    Aircraft Iridescence

    Sublime Iridescence

    Sunward diffraction, Edinburgh

    Fogbow, Glory, Brocken Spectre

    Iridescent Pileus

    Grass Glory

    Corona & IRIS

    Balloon Glory

    Dusty Window Colour Fringes

    Quételet Colours

    Parisian Colours    August '08

    Volcanic Glory

    Montana Fogbow

    Glory & Brocken Spectre

    Corona from pond algae

    Iridescence, Milan

    Laos ~ Iridescent Sky

    Pollen Corona, Germany

    Rocket Trail

    Fogbow, Titanic Waters

    Cloud Iridescence

    Splendour in the Grass

    Brocken Spectre

    Glory over Greenland

    Heiligenschein, Holy Light