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Airglow, Iran

Aurora and Fogbow/Rainbow, Alberta, Canada

Dust Scattering - Gegenschein, Iran

NLCs and Moon Bow, Denmark

 Polar Stratospheric Clouds, Norway

 Polar Stratospheric Clouds, Sweden

 Purple Light Continues - The Netherlands

 Twilight Diary, The Netherlands

 Volcanic Sunset, California, USA

 Noctilucent Clouds, England

 Chemistry of Airglow, Chile

 Unusual Airglow, China

 PSC Encore - Healing Ozone Hole

 PSCs & Ozone Holes

 Nacreous Clouds, Ireland & UK

 Nacreous Clouds, UK

 Nacreous Clouds, Ireland

 Airglow over Atacama Desert, Chile

 Eclipse reds & blues plus airglow, Chile

 NLCs, Denmark

 Nacreous Clouds, Norway

 Airglow Colours, Atacama Desert, Chile

 Nacreous Clouds, Norway

 Auroral Colours, Iceland

 Iridescent vs Nacreous Clouds, Brazil

 Atomic Monochromatic Lights, Sweden

 Ice Skeins, Sweden

 NLCs with a Difference, Sweden

 Ireland Aurorae

 Nacreous Clouds, Sweden

 The many colours of airglow

 Four days in the life of a proton

 Noctilucent Clouds

 Interplanetary Scattering

 Airglow at Paranal Observatory

 Nacreous vs Ordinary Iridescent Clouds

 Elusive Backscattering

 Forbidden Radiation, Hungary

 Zodiacal Light, Australia

 Lunar CZA and Noctilucent Clouds, Germany

 NLCs - Hungary

 Zodiacal Light - Dust, Planets, Fire, Stars

 Southerly Aurorae

 Nacreous Clouds - Sweden

 Magellan & Airglow

  Norwegian Aurorae

  Banded Airglow

  Vocanic Sunsets from Africa

  All-Sky NLCs, Finland

  Stratospheric Aerosol - New Zealand

  Plasma - Lightning Spectra

  Night Shining Clouds, Denmark

  Start of NLC season

   Greenland Nacreous Clouds

   Noctilucent Clouds, Russia

   NLCs Europe

   NLCs Southern England

   Zodiacal Light

   Atomic Oxygen Aurora

   Aureoles, Sunsets and Ash

   More Eyjafjallajokull Effects

   Europe's Subtle Volcanic Skies - April 17, 2010

   STS 131 Clouds

   Zodiacal Light, Denmark

   When to see the Zodiacal Light

   Far North Zodiacal Light

   Collisional Excitation

   Blue Airglow - UV Excitation

   Strange European Sunsets

   Norwegian Nacreous Clouds

    Sarychev Skies

    NLCs Continue! - Hungary

    NLCs Continue! - Finland

    All-Sky NLCs

    Bright Noctilucent Clouds

    NLC Season Starts

    Auroral Oxygen, Fairbanks, Alaska

    Animated Airglow

    Polar Stratospheric Clouds

    Nacreous Clouds Season

    Banded Airglow Video


    Continuing stratospheric ash/aerosol

    Germany         Hungary

     Kasotochi Still Reigns, Sweden

    Sunward Earth's Shadow

                    Volcanic Skies

    NLCs Near Oslo           Gravity Waves, Oslo

     Noctilucent Clouds over Mongolia   

    Finland NLC        

   NLCs shine on over Europe

   NLCs, Pleiades, Moon

    Night Shining Clouds, Glasgow, Scotland

    Rocket Trail

    Earth's Highest Clouds


    Aurorae, Tromso

    Nacreous Clouds, Sweden

      Incredible Sunsets, Polar Stratospheric Clouds