Europe's NLCs - 9/10 July

Paul Money (Astrospace) caught the top image from Lincolnshire, England.  The bright 'knot' was intensely bright. At 2200 UT from 35 miles to the SE I saw these clouds 20-25� high and extending from the NW to NE. In the still light twilit sky they seemed much too bright for NLCs but the presence of darker faster moving lower clouds and their fine structure seen through binoculars convinced me. As the evening progressed the clouds slowly sank in the north west.

The lower images are from Wiltshire, England. Richard Fleet ( Glows Bows & Haloes ) took them. He captured an earlier display a few days previously.

The 50 mile high mesospheric clouds were seen over a wide area of Europe.

©the photographers, shown with permission.

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