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Florida Fogbow by Terry Allshouse. ©Terry Allshouse, shown with permission.

"Last Friday (Dec 19, 2008), I went to the local lake (Lake Harris south of Leesburg) where there is a public fishing area to view sunrise through the fog. It was a dismal sunrise but when I turned around, I saw the fogbow. Conditions were near ideal because I checked the times on my photos and found from the first photo to my last was 28 minutes. It seemed it would never disappear, but it did."

The sun had climbed 12° to shine through the morning fog and form this superb fogbow. The outer main bow is almost white but the three inner supernumeraries have colour.

Multiple supernumeraries are indicative of fog droplets almost of the same size. Different droplet sizes each produce their own supernumerary spacing and so those of a size range overlap and blur.

The approximate match below with the Loronz-Mie calculation of IRIS is for monodisperse droplets 30 micron (0.03mm) diameter - a typical size for fog and mist.

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