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   IRIS software  


IRIS uses rigorous Mie scattering theory to produce accurate simulations of glories, fogbows and coronae.


One click operation to produce a simulation. The program automatically selects the optimum calculation parameters.
  Colour simulations for single sized droplets in a few seconds. Those for a droplet size distribution take a little longer.
  Simulations for sunlight, monochromatic light or user selected bandwidths.
  Choice of quality from very high to a fast draft.
  Choice of views and zoom settings.
  Simulations adjustable (without recalculation) for intensity range, usual image processor functions and background intensity .
  Angular scale & Moon disk tools.
  Choice of droplet substances in addition to water default. User can also add extra materials of defined complex refractive index. Calculations for specific inputted complex index.
  CIE or Bruton colour models.