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Atmospheric optics

Sites change, they are born and they die. This is not a complete or necessarily up to date list.

   Descriptions - explanations - images

     Causes of colour - Dieter Zawischa

     Glows, Bows & Haloes - Richard Fleet
     Green Flashes - Andrew Young definitive account
     Optics of a water drop   Philip Laven
     NOAA Forecast - Auroral ovals & activity
     Polar image - Pekka Parviainen's definitive images
     Optics of the Atmosphere - Tomáš Tržický
     Kark Kaiser - NLC section
     Paraselene - Eva Seidenfaden
     Atmospheric phenomena and sky - Jari Luomanen
     Noctilucent Cloud Observer's Homepage  Tom McEwan
     pphv - Peter Paul Hattinga Verschure
     Weather Photography   Harald Edens
     Cloud Appreciation Society
     Atmospheric Phenomena

Wikipedia articles on atmospheric optics are of variable reliability and best avoided.

Eye Care
   Marvels of atmospheric optics feed through our eyes. Many hover close to the bright sun and
   exceptional care must be taken to protect our most valuable sense.  Always hide the sun
   behind a tree or building.  Never, ever, look directly at the sun and certainly not through binoculars
   no matter how dim it appears in visible light. It can still be emitting copious retina burning infra-red.
     Key tips to protect your vision - Gregory Miller