Pleiades & Corona
A remarkable corona around the moon showing at least four rings. The Pleiades cluster is on the first red ring at right. Aldebaran and the Hyades are at left. Imaged in Hungary on Saturday 16th January by M�nika Landy-Gyebn�r.
 ©M�nika Landy-Gyebn�r, shown with permission.


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"This evening [16th] I saw the most beautiful lunar  corona of my life (up until now).

With Tamas Ladanyi we traveled to the southern shore of the still frozen Lake Balaton to photograph the hills of the northern shore in moonlight - but by the time we got there (about 100kms from our town) lots of clouds had come.   

It was only partly unlucky for me, because a big altocumulus lenticularis was part of the clouds that ruined our [intended] photo project.  When I saw the Ac len,  I told Tamas to watch for a nice lunar  corona as Ac len is the best possible cloud to create it.    And only a few minutes later the  corona began to form.  There was also a conjunction of the Moon and Pleiades (there was only about 4.1 degrees separation when I took the pics).   The cloud moved on and the corona showed so many aspects and rings, it was amazing to watch it!   In addition to the many pictures I created an animation of 10 minutes' of them [at left]."