Halo Saturday ~ February 27th saw widespread halos over the European Union from easterly Hungary and Slovakia to Paris in the west.

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The top two shots by Monika Landy-Gyebnar in Hungary show effective ways to search for halos in the glare of the sun. Reflections from convex surfaces, especially ones of dark glass, show up halos splendidly.

A sunglass lens or car window will do. Reflections in pools of water are also helpful.

Right: Near Paris Denis Joye captured a perfect 22 degree halo flanked by two prismatic sundogs
At right Monika uses a bus shelter to shield the sun. and reveal a bright upper tangent arc above a weaker 22-degree halo.
Lower image: By David Berecz in Kolárovo, Slovakia showing an unusually bright lower tangent arc.
At top: Monika Landy-Gyebnar in Hungary also saw a bright lower tangent arc.

Left: Halos over Lake Balaton, Hungary by Tamas Ladanyi (site, TWAN). A huge circumscribed arc and hints of a parhelic circle.