Failed 'Chute & Glory

When your parachute fails to open, searching for a glory is not of the highest priority.

Images taken over Russia by Mikhail Ivanov. Water droplets in the lower thin cloud diffracted light to form the multi-ringed glory at top centre-left.

More images below.
©Mikhail Ivanov, shown with permission

Up to four rings surround the glory's central bright area indicating that the cloud droplets were all of very similar size.

We can tell that the droplets that backscattered light to form the glory were reasonably close because the shadow of the sky diver is just visible in the centre. Glories formed by far away clouds and droplets no longer show a "Brocken spectre" shadow.

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Another view of the unfortunate sky diver clinging to the lines of his failed parachute.

All ended well. He cut away the twisted lines and landed safely using his reserve 'chute.