Scheveningen is near The Hague in The Netherlands. Jan Willem de Wit (Weerclub Gouda) took this image showing a mirage to the left of the pier. The miraged buildings are at Noordwijk 20kmdistant along the North sea coast. Further miraged coastline is visible through the pier columns.

We usually see telephoto shots of mirages. This one gives a more faithful impression of their appearance to the eye. They are rarely more than a degree (a thumb's width at arms length) above the horizon. They are best searched for using binoculars - but avoid the sun.

Image ©Jan Willem de Wit, shown with permission

The mirage close-up. It's an inferior mirage because the miraged image is below the real object and is inverted. There could also be some looming.

A vertical temperature gradient, warm at the bottom and colder above, created it.

Note the choppy sea 'horizon' - This is the edge of the mirage rather than the true horizon.                                             
                                                                                       Mirage topology.

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