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   Download HaloSim3.6 (v3.6.1 - 27th June 2004)

You may freely download HaloSim for personal use. You may not sell or re-distribute HaloSim on websites, CDROMs or by any other means.

Published simulations ~ Please acknowledge in the immediate caption the use of HaloSim and quote the URL atoptics.co.uk  ©L Cowley & M Schroeder. All rights reserved.

HaloSim runs on PCs with Windows95+. A 24 bit color is desirable. Memory and hard disk requirements are insignificant. The download comes with all data and a set of ready-to-run simulations.

  To download and install

(1) DOWNLOAD "halosim361.zip" here (2.38 MB).
(2) EXTRACT (do not RUN) into a temporary folder.
(3) RUN 'setup.exe'. When prompted chose a folder for the program files or use the suggested default which is usually inside c:\Program Files\....
(4) RUN 'HaloSim361.exe' from the program files folder.
  Installation puts only standard Microsoft systems files into other than the designated folder. Most are already present on some Windows versions and the HaloSim installer will not then overwrite them.
  Have you tried the IRIS simulator for glories, fogbows and coronas?