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  Searching for a particular halo seen in the sky? Try 'Frequent Halos' and also the main site Index.

    Crystals The ice crystals that form halos. Shapes and orientations. Perfect and imperfect crystal, diamond dust, pyramids.     Frequent Halos The more common halos in the skies, 22° halos, sundogs, pillars and more. How they are formed and where to look for them.
    Infrequent halos Rarer halos but still visible from time to time. Halos from aircraft, pyramidal crystal halos.
    Complex displays Great displays of past and present.
    Other Worlds What halos might form in the skies of Mars, other planets and their moons?
    Observing Halos Tips on seeing and photographing them.
    HaloSim Software A freeware program to accurately simulate halo displays.