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   Brocken Spectre - Glory - Pilot's Glory Videos

Brocken Spectre and Glory

Darren Parker (Alpine Breaks.com) saw this Brocken Spectre and glory with Andy Kimmerling and Alan Flight all of Chatel, France on the ridge of Mont de Grange, 2432m having climbed three peaks at Chatel in one day.

The video opens with a single Brocken Spectre shadow. Spectral shadows of three climbers then appear. The central shadow, that of the climber holding the camera, is surrounded by a glory. Then, as thicker cloud sweeps in, the central Brocken Spectre lengthens frighteningly (or angelically) with the coloured glory continuing to ring its head.
  (5.2MB) ©Darren Parker, shown with permission

Pilot's Glory (118KB)

Val Salva of The Hurricane Hunters shot this short movie. "I've been shooting glories for years, and seldom do they come out as brilliant as they appear in real life... it was fun to get the .mpeg. I only wish we had a movie camera the day we were running head-on to a series of glories as we were clipping some cloud tops. After we'd punch through one cloud, you'd see a tiny dot inside a glory straight ahead, then as we came closer, the shadow of the airplane would zoom larger and larger, until you were "crashing" head on with a "plane" the same size! Then darkness inside the cloud for a few seconds, and then it would start all over again. yee-hah!"
  (118 kb) ©Val Salva, shown with permission