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   Corona Colours

  White light corona and those from narrow band radiation.  IRIS simulations. Mouse over the spectrum to see the composition of the white light corona.

Corona colours are iridescent, redolent of soap bubbles and peacock tails.

A corona's size in any single colour is proportional to the light wavelength. The red corona is almost twice as large as the extreme violet one.

In the white light corona all the coronas of the individual spectral colours are superimposed.

Operate the animation to see that almost nowhere are there any single spectral colours, they are instead mixtures of several. Most interference colours are like this.

The aureole centre is nearly white. Its edge is fringed yellow and red because it extends furthest in these colours.

The first ring's blue-violet inner edge is made of extreme violet to blue with just a little green.  

The greens at each ring centre are subdued where blue to orange all mix. The outer red is tinged with next ring's violet.