Dawn on Fujisan ~ Chris Gerekos imaged this dawn shadow of Mount Fuji, Japan. ©Chris Gerekos, shown with permission.
"As the tradition wants, I climbed it during the night to see the sun rising at the top of the mountain. So about 30 minutes later, I had a walk around the crater, where I could see Fujisan's shadow."

The shadow is 3D unlike 2D ones on walls or the ground. It is a prism of unlit air. The surrounding air is in sunlight and molecules, dust and aerosol scatter light backwards to the camera.   Fujisan is roughly triangular in profile and so it is not a good test to demonstrate that, regardless of their shapes, all mountain shadows are triangular.   But they are.

There are hints of anticrepuscular rays radiating from the antisolar point marked by the shadow's tip.


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