Anti-Sun rays over Storfjellet* ("The Big Mountain"), Angvika, Norway
Imaged by Lars Brub�k. "The setting sun was behind me, to the South South West . The shadows were possibly caused by broken or projecting cloud, or the up to 1800 m high peaks between me and the coast.."   �Lars Brub�k, shown with permission.

*Lars comments further: "Looking for a 'Storfjell' (Big Mountain) in Norway is more or less like trying to find one specific straw in a haystack. Many small villages have their own. And they need not be very large, only to look the largest of those close by.  Then some clarification regarding Scandinavian grammar, Storfjell = Big mountain. Storfjellet = The big mountain." This particular Storfjell is located on Google Earth here.


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Shadows and rays plunge down toward a focus at the anti-sun. They are named 'anti-crepuscular' as though opposing the 'crepusculum' - twilight. 'Anti-solar' portrays their guise with more precision.

The long shadows are parallel and only appear by perspective to converge towards the point directly opposite the sun.

They darken as they near the antisolar point because the eye looks increasingly along the long corridors of shadowed air rather than across them.