Anticrepuscular Rays - Nubble Light, Maine

Maine Anticrepuscular Rays

Steve Kluge took the image and he describes the scene..

"We [were on] the southern coast of Maine where we were treated to an incredible view of the rising nighttime sky over Nubble Light near York Beach. 

A nice sea breeze had developed earlier in the day, and a small scattering of cumulus clouds developed in the air rising over the warm land behind us. 

The rays of  light and dark that appear to converge near the horizon are anticrepuscular rays, the darker areas are actually the parallel shadows of those clouds cast against the sky by the setting sun.   Perspective causes the apparent convergence at the anti-solar point in the sky.

The band of pink sky that the almost full moon seems to float on is called the "Belt of Venus", and it is the last bit of sky to be lit by the red rays of the sun.  Just below the Belt, the dark sky of the Earth's shadow is rising, and both aspects are nicely reflected off the water, too! "

Image ©Steve Kluge, shown with permission.