Lowitz visits the UK! ~ The UK is not famed for its halo displays let alone very rare arc sightings. Reima Eresmaa (blog, photos) pictured these upper Lowitz, helic and Parry arcs over Berkshire, England on September 22, 2012.

Images ©Reima Eresmaa.
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The pictures are each stacks of several images (upper image 10 frames, lower 5). Stacking enhances arc visibility and avoids the misidentification of cloud streaks as halo arcs.

Lowitz arcs are perhaps the most sought by halo collectors, less so for their perceived rarity but because of the mystery that surrounded them. Until comparatively recently their very existence was doubted.

The upper Lowitz is best looked for arching upwards towards the position of a Parry arc and crossing the upper tangent arc. Lowitz arcs branching out from 22° parhelia towards the 22° are less easy to find.