High sun halo, Florida ~ 22°?


22º Halo?

Imaged 17th May '02 in Southern Florida by Tricia Tie-Shue.

The sun was nearly 80º high and the halo could therefore be a circumscribed halo rather than a 22º.

The two are difficult to tell apart when the sun is nearly overhead.
The circumscribed halo has slightly sharper and more intense colours. Also, look for other halos to help identify what crystals are in the sky. A small parhelic circle inside the halo or an infralateral arc lower in the sky would indicate that horizontal column crystals were present and that the halo was a circumscribed halo. There is no sign of a parhelic circle in this image but the case remains open!

©2002 Tricia Tie-Shue, reproduced with permission.

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