Iridescence above sun-warmed damp wood

Iridescence above sun-warmed damp wood imaged by Darko Podravec at Hrsovo, Croatia in early March '07. ©Darko Podravec, shown with permission.

"It was about 8:00 in the morning, and 8 deg. Celsius after clear cold night. In the sunlight, moisture was evaporating from a pile of damp wood and then condensing again to rise like smoke."

The curls of condensed droplets diffracted the morning sunlight to give glowing skeins of colour.

"It was dificult to take the pictures because of the need to look through the vapor almost directly into the sun, and at the same time keep the camera in the shadow and look for a dark background."

But it was well worth it! Optical effects can be found in the most mundane surroundings. Search for them.