Forest Glory  

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  Forest glory Provided there is a mist of fairly uniform sized droplets, glories can be found in many places. Till Credner and Sven Kohle ( this glory and Brocken shadow in a forest on the island of Tenerife in May 2000.

In the opposite direction they photographed a corona and the two images are an interesting test of theory because the mist droplets forming each were very probably of the same size.

The corona image has several rings which, knowing the image scale, can be well matched to a simulation with 13.5 micron diameter droplets. Does the glory also match? There are fewer details against which to fit but the complete innermost ring and fragments of the next do match those of the simulated glory (right) for the same droplets.

Photo ©Till Credner & Sven Kohle and reproduced with permission.

  IRIS simulation for 13.5 micron diameter droplets. The background has been left black to better show the rings.