Brocken Spectre  

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Brocken & Glory from thin mist

This ghostly figure was unusual: it was visible in very thin morning mist and its accompanying three ringed glory was extra large.

Photographer Ken Scott (Touching The Light) imaged it in November 1994 looking NNW from Yr Aran to Moel Eilio in Snowdonia, Wales.

The 1st red glory ring had a horizontal diameter of 13.5º telling us that the mist droplets were only 6.4 micron diameter. 10 - 30 micron is more the usual run of mists.

The mist was also stratified. The first red ring is not circular but has a greater radius above the head shadow and smaller below. The higher mist droplets were noticeably smaller than those nearer the ground.

Image ©1994, 2002 Ken Scott, All rights reserved.