Anti-crepuscular rays

  Anti-crepuscular rays near Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.  The gentle unbroken landscapes and huge skies of the Netherlands are ideal for seeing these rays.   Bram Verbaas took this four image 140° wide panorama from near his village of Boksum late afternoon on 17th September 2002.

Rays from all directions converge downwards to the antisolar point marked by the shadow of Bram's head and camera on the gravel track .

Faint fragments of a rainbow show in the sky to the left and right.   At least some of the rays were illuminated by the sun shining on raindrops. Sometimes when there is a rainbow, anti-crepuscular rays can look like the spokes of a wheel with the bow as its rim. The rays and rainbow share the same centre - the antisolar point.

Image ©2002 Bram Verbaas, reproduced with permission.